What is halal certificate?



Halal is an Arabic word, legal, legitimate, valid UnAdIr sense. The sacred word that his anti-illegal, illegitimate, invalid UnAdIr sense. Halal food and a requirement to consume something when there is a Muslim's standard limits. With very few exceptions, all pure and clean things Halal is made. However, the following exceptions are absolutely sacred.
Halal is an Arabic word which means legitimate. Allah (C.) in the Quran commands Muslims to eat and what is lawful for all people. The meal a few verses among the numerous verses stating that this message is as follows:
"O People! Eat the foods on earth, which is nice and clean, do not fall into the devil's advance, because Satan is your open enemy. "(2/168)
"O you who believe! Eat of the good things we have provided to you, if you really worship to God alone, to give thanks to Him. "(2/172)
"Eat of the sustenance which Allah has given you, lawful and good; but fear Allah that you have no faith in him." (5/88)
The following are final Halal foods:
- Cows, sheep, camels and goats' milk
- Honey
- The fish
- Drunkenness making plants
- Fresh or frozen fruit as natural
- Peanuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, walnut shells and resin, such as fruits
- Wheat, barley, rice, rye, grains such as oats.
Cattle, camels, sheep, goats, deer, poultry, meat animals and game birds such as ducks are Halal. However, they must be cut according to the procedure of Islam.
The Islamic method of cutting is done as follows:
First, people must be Muslims who will cut off the animals. (Ahl al-Kitab may be). Animals must be deposited on the ground. It must be split with a sharp knife to cut the throat of the three major blood vessels. During the part of the animal's throat without causing any pain, cuts or persons should mention the name of Allah "Bismillah Allah-u Akbar" as the prayer should be repeated.
Haram; illegitimate, illegitimate is an Arabic word that means. The Koran and the Prophet (s.a.v.) agents of their alliance when they Haram jurists in the light of the Sunnah are given below:
- Pigs, pork and pork products,
- Blood and blood products are made,
- Carnivorous animals, birds of prey, reptiles,
- The parts of the animals died before the Cut
- Islamic procedures to cut, Allah (SWT) on behalf of someone else cut meat from halal animals,
- Reptiles and insects
- Wine, ethyl alcohol, alcohol, alcohol intoxication, and that all substances,
- Food mixed with any of the aforementioned items.
The above mentioned substances are sacred and should be avoided by all Muslims.
"O People! Earth clean and eat of the lawful things, the devil to keep up, because he is an open enemy for you. "(Al-Baqarah 168) if the verse to be taken Almighty God that husut not only to Muslims, it is addressed to all people. Also Maida sura of those who believe in the Almighty Zulu Jalal nibs in the third verse says:
"Carcass, blood, pork, Allah (C. C..) In behalf of someone else cut off those who drowned, shot and killed a rather rounded fallen, those who have been eaten by another animal (if you cut before exiting soul) and planted those slaughtered on the stones is forbidden."
The basic rule of the Islamic Halal and haram issues are as follows:
- Halal goods are actually.
- Halal and haram override the right of Allah alone (C.) ındir.
- Halal to haramlaştır God (C.) equal to the common run.
- Haram warrant was based on something ugly and harmful.
- The Halal, it has everything to avoid forbidden.
- All leading to the Haram is forbidden.
- Helalleştir Haram is forbidden to do the trick.
- It just does not make good faith haram halal.
- Everything that is essential to avoid suspicious.
- Haram is haram for everyone.
- Necessity makes permissible and disadvantages.
To summarize in brief;
Halal requirements that: the alcohol, meat and halal slaughter Islamic procedures made with animal or vegetable-based additives is considered 100% Halal.
It is forbidden conditions: Ingestion is rendered unlawful or part of the Islamic method of animal origin or vegetable yet made the case that the treated material with alcohol additives are considered 100% forbidden.
Suspects have conditions: a lot of things to clear halal, haram or overtly attempt. Some things may not be known fully open. They need to be questioned or halal, may need more information to make a determination of exactly forbidden me. For example, industrial products foodstuffs, they contain, such as gelatin, enzymes, such as lecithin, mono and when not having a clear knowledge of the methods used or the production phase of the origin of ingredients such as diglycerides also be mentioned anything suspicious. Duly beat the forbidden Islamic procedures to cut or not cut, plant-derived ingredients, although it is unknown whether there had been alcohol treatment is also considered suspicious.
Halal certification, credible, competent and impartial institution, said its production supervision, as to confirm that the product is made in compliance with halal standards and, accordingly, is a method not involving an approved document. with the condition of being in halal food, sanitary conditions and purity is as it should be. Also Halal Certification. The control unit also provides support for food safety management services in the topic so countries.
Halal certification, Muslim consumers are required to manufacture an acceptable food and edible products. This issue includes 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and also halal food to millions of people who prefer other.