Nafia Food About



Welcome to the AFIA food!

Nafia Food which has started to halal food production with “AFIA” brand in 1998, has produced the equivalents of various food products and satisfied the halal product needs of the consumers, has been carrying out healthy and clean production by taking account of Islamic requirements by considering the halal criteria and production techniques.

Our Vision

  • To be a credible company which believes in the principle of: “The content of Halal is wide, there is no need for Haram” That is considered as an example in its quality and reliability, That always respects consumer rights, That present pleasant tastes to human life in compliance with Halal foods, That gives priority to training and development and That believes in team work.

Our Mission

  • To enable extension and consciousness of Halal food. To enlarge the product range in compliance with Halal food requirements To render the most qualified service continuously by taking advantage of knowledge accumulation and
    technology. To contribute to the national economy. To contribute to raise the quality criteria in the sector. To be innovative always. To meet the expectations of our customers in the best way.