Our quality policy



Immediate Controls in Every Step

Gimdes controls every step of the production without informing producers about it before. In case of a situation which is opposed to Halal Certification, it has the authority to end the whole production, cancel and declare documents. 

Production Planning

Such factors as formulas which are necessary for the product which will be produced and procurement period of raw materials are planned.

Certification of Halal

As ingredients of processes of the product, which will be produced, are checked by Gimdes, its halal certificates are completed.

Procurement of Raw Material

Raw materials of the product are provided without sacrificing quality as suitable for halal certificate.

Preparation of Production Line

By preparing formulas of raw material by our Food Engineers, hygienic conditions are fulfilled in the production line.

Quality Assurance

Our Food Assurance engineers control quality by preserving the sensitivity of halal in every step of the production.

Healthy Packaging

Our quality assurance continues with our product packaging as healthy and sanitized.