Requirements for the halal certificate



The minimum requirements for the Halal Certificate

Starting from the raw material product finished material phase until all processes, products must origin of all ingredients and additives in combination, should provide forms and routes, as well as provide resources in terms of being in conformity with Islamic criteria and the humanitarian need - and the need humanitarian of the product's packaging materials and storage conditions to be in conformity with Islamic criteria - good manufacturing practices (GMP), good hygiene practices (GHP) and HACCP requirements should provide. - Both products of the production stages in all situated in both product composition elements, and product composition of each component of the product in the Islamic criteria for the potential impact of a combination, on humanitarian need, health and sanitation conditions, carry qualified for the requirements in terms of nutrition to be valid in the whole world halal certificate too it is important. Malaysian halal certificates obtained from certification bodies that are accredited by Jake I is valid all over the world. KAS Certification, Malaysia Halal Certification Body "Jake it" is engaged by accredited and certification. These documents are also certified and Halal Certificate which is valid all over the world by Jake.

Transactions made to get the Halal Certificate